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The Gods of Egypt: Aker
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Facts about Aker
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Aker, the primeval god of the horizon

Aker as twin lions

The Gods of Egypt - Aker Fact Sheet

Fact 1 on Aker:

This god was one of the most ancient deities of the Egyptians. He was depicted in lion form protecting the earth and also the East and West horizons of the Underworld.

Fact 2 on Aker:

Some believe that this ancient god symbolized the Great Sphinx, and that the "Highlands of Aker" refer to the raised Giza plateau upon which the Sphinx and the Pyramids were built.

Fact 3on Aker:

The images on this page depict the dual lion image of the god facing away from each other to represent his vigilance over the domains that he guarded.

Fact 4 on Aker:

The above picture of lions show them covered with leopard-like spots.  The massive Barbary lion, which is now extinct, had a spotted coat.

Fact 5 on Aker:

The dual images facing away was symbolic of borders, in this instance the borders between darkness and light between each day.

Fact 6 on Aker:

The sun disk symbol is set beneath a line symbolizing the horizon and between two mountains representing the concept of enclosure and protection. 

Fact 7 on Aker:

The Sun Disk was a powerful icon of ancient Egypt symbolizing creation and the source of light and an emblem of rebirth and resurrection.

Fact 8 on Aker:

The god is therefore linked to both the earth and the world of the afterlife. He was revered by the early kings as he was believed to open the gates of the earth for the king top ass into the Underworld.

Fact 9 on Aker:

He is also linked to the creation myth and legends relating to the fierce serpent god Apep, the enemy of Ra, and believed to imprison the coils of the snake before the immortal Apep was re-born to fight again.

Fact 10 on Aker:

He was also believed to help guard the Sun barque of Ra in which Ra journeyed from noon until sunset, from West to East, facing the perils of the Underworld and attacks by Apep.

Fact 11 on Aker:

During the time in ancient  Egyptian history known as the Late Period the two lions were given specific names: Tuau, meaning today and Sef meaning yesterday.

The Gods of Egypt - Aker Fact Sheet

Facts about Aker
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Aker in Egyptian Mythology
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The Gods of Egypt - Aker Fact Sheet

Fact 11 on Aker:

The idea of duality in this god is conceived when he is represented as the twin lion earth gods are called Akeru.

Fact 12 on Aker:

The persona of the Akeru were mentioned in the ancient Pyramid texts. In the pyramid texts the Akeru are said not to seize the monarch implying that the Akeru were a danger to other mortals.

Fact 13 on Aker:

The Akeru twin lions were given specific names: Tuau, meaning today and Sef meaning yesterday.

Fact 14 on Aker:

Later the Egyptian priests created magical spells to protect ordinary mortals from the grasp of the Akeru, the primeval, lion earth gods. 

Fact 15 on Aker:

As a benevolent god of the Egyptians he was believed to absorb the poison from a snake bite and the sting of a scorpion.

Fact 16 on Aker:

The Akeru, as massive fierce lion gods, were perceived as powerful protectors of ancient Egypt and as such their statues and images were placed at the entrances of temples and other sacred places to protect and ward off evil spirits. (Statues and images of snakes were also used for a similar purpose)

The Gods of Egypt - Aker Fact Sheet



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