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The Mythology & History of ancient Egypt surrounding Ihy, the child god of music, joy and jubilation


The Gods of Egypt: Ihy
Discover the legends and myths and religious beliefs surrounding Ihy, the Egyptian child god of music, joy and jubilation. Additional, interesting facts and information about ancient Egypt, and its mysterious gods and goddesses, is also available via:

Facts about Ihy
This article contains fast, interesting, fun facts about Ihy for research, schools, students and kids providing an insight into the lives and religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.

Ihy, the child-god of music, joy and jubilation

Ihy, Egyptian god of music and joy

The Gods of Egypt - Ihy Fact Sheet

Fact 1 on Ihy:

He was depicted as a young god who personified joy and celebration.

Fact 2 on Ihy:

He was the patron of music and his symbol was the sistrum.

Fact 3 on Ihy:

The sistrum sistrum is an ancient musical percussion instrument, a sacred rattle used in various ancient Egyptian ceremonies.

Fact 4 on Ihy:

He was viewed as the god of music which associated him with joy, pleasure,  lust and, in turn, fertility. His female counterpart was the goddess Bat.


Fact 5 on Ihy:

The above image shows the young god holding a sistrum.

Fact 6 on Ihy:

His image shows him wearing the a side lock, as worn by ancient Egyptian boys. A side lock was a plaited lock of hair worn on the side of otherwise shaven heads. Ancient Egyptian boys would stop wearing the side lock once they had reached the age of fourteen years

Fact 7 on Ihy:

He is also depicted wearing the Pshent crown of Egypt that represented a unified Egypt, a combination of the red crown and the white crown.

Fact 8 on Ihy:

His name was interpreted by the ancient Egyptians as 'Sistrum Player'.

Fact 9 on Ihy:

He was revered by the ancient Egyptians as the son of Horus the solar god and Hathor, the cow goddess.

Fact 10 on Ihy:

Together with Horus and Hathor he became a member of the Triad of Dendera which was located south of Abydos in Upper Egypt.

Fact 10 on Ihy:

His name is mentioned in the Coffin Texts and later in the Book of the Dead. He is referred to as the "Lord of bread...in charge of beer".

The Gods of Egypt - Ihy Fact Sheet

Hathor with Sistrum


Picture of Hathor with a sistrum, the sacred rattle used in ancient Egypt

Facts about Ihy
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