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The Gods of Egypt: Mihos
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Facts about Mihos
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Facts about Mihos
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The Gods of Egypt - Mihos Fact Sheet

Fact 1 on the Lion god:

The fierce lion-god Mihos was also known as Miysis, Maihesa, Mahes or Maahes.

Fact 2 on the Lion god:

Mihos was believed to be the son of the famous Cat-goddess Bastet, who represented the domestic cat and the war-like aspect of a lioness. His father was believed to be the sun-god Ra.

Fact 3 on the Lion god:

He was initially worshipped as a local god at Leontopolis (Taremu), the cult center of the lion gods and cat goddesses which was located in Lower Egypt (see Leontopolis map below).

Fact 4 on the Lion god:

Temple complexes were built for the lion gods like Mihos at Leontopolis which included enclosures for live lions.

Fact 5 on the Lion god:

During the Post Empire period (1069 - 343 BCE), Pharaoh Osorkon III of the 22nd dynasty built a temple in honor of Mihos at Bubastis, the city that was sacred to Bastet, his mother.

Fact 6 on the Lion god:

Mihos was depicted in ancient Egyptian art with a lion form and wearing the Hemhem Crown of Egypt that was strongly connected to the sun. The Hemhem Crown is set on ram horns, flanked by ostrich feathers with sun disks and the Uraeus rearing cobra symbol. the crown represented the protective role of Mihos to the monarchy and the people of Egypt.

Fact 7 on the Lion god:

As a protector and guardian of Egypt he was given titles such as the "Lord of the Massacre", the "Lord of Slaughter" and the "Wielder of the Knife".

Fact 8 on the Lion god:

The role of Mihos also included upholding the 'Spirit of Ma'at' upholding the principles of truth, morality and justice. In this role he was given the titles of "Helper of the Wise Ones" in reference to the gods Ma'at, Thoth, Seshat and Imhotep and the "Avenger of Wrongs" in reference to ensuring justice according to the laws of Egypt.

Fact 9 on the Lion god:

Like his mother Bastet (see picture below), the symbol of Mihos was the the flint knife or dagger used in ancient Egypt that was called a Khop. Depictions of Mihos also included him wielding these knives.

Fact 10 on the Lion god:

The hieroglyphic symbol for Mihos reflected his name and his role as a protector of the pharaohs and one of the hieroglyphs is also associated with Ma'at confirming his role as the keeper of law and order and as such the devourer of the guilty and protector of the innocent.

Mihos hieroglyphic symbol

The Gods of Egypt - Mihos Fact Sheet

Map of Lower Egypt - Leontopolis

Map showing the location of Leontopolis

Bastet Cat Goddess

Facts about Mihos
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