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The Gods of Egypt: Neper
Discover the legends and myths and religious beliefs surrounding Neper, the Egyptian child god of grain. Neper represented the prosperity brought by barley and corn crops. Additional, interesting facts and information about ancient Egypt, and its mysterious gods and goddesses, is also available via:

Facts about Neper
This article contains fast, interesting, fun facts about this ancient Egyptian god of the harvest for research, schools, students and kids providing an insight into the lives and religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.

Neper, the god of grain

Harvesting Grain

Ancient Egyptians Harvesting Grain

The Gods of Egypt - Neper Fact Sheet

Fact 1 on Neper:

He was the ancient Egyptian god of grain, his female counterpart was Nepit the goddess of grain and the threshing floor where the process of removing the seeds of barley or wheat from their inedible husks began.

Fact 2 on Neper:

Believed to be the son of Renenutet the goddess of nourishment and the harvest and Sobek the crocodile headed god.

Fact 3 on Neper:

Ancient Egyptian images of the child god depicted his clothes with dots to represent grains of corn.

Fact 4 on Neper:

He represented the prosperity brought by emmer wheat (barley) and corn crops. Barley, was a primitive form of wheat known as emmer wheat.

Fact 5 on Neper:

Grain was extremely important to the ancient Egyptians as it was the mainstay of the ancient Egyptian diet. Barley was primarily used for making beer. Wheat was used to make flour to bake bread. Bread was the ancient Egyptians main source of nourishment.

Fact 6 on Neper:

Grain was used instead of money in bartering for goods. Excess grain was used for trade. Towards the end of the Egyptian empire corn imported from Egypt fed the people of ancient Rome.

Fact 7 on Neper:

Egyptians worshipped the god making offerings and prayers to make their crops grow well and to bring a good harvest.

Fact 8 on Neper:

Ancient Egyptian cereals were stored in granaries and subsequently processed into flour. Offerings of grain were given to Egyptian temples who stored them in huge granaries.

Fact 9 on Neper:

The annual inundation of the Nile brought the rich, fertile silt that enabled the crops to grow.

Fact 10 on Neper:

Hapi was the ancient god of fertility who brought the silt to the banks of the Nile and was therefore associated with Neper.

The Gods of Egypt - Neper Fact Sheet

Facts about Neper
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Neper in Egyptian Mythology
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The Gods of Egypt - Neper Fact Sheet

Fact 11 on Neper:

The annual flooding of the Nile was crucial to farming the crops that grew in the rich soil near the banks of the River Nile. This annual process governed the life of the ancient Egyptians and appropriate offerings were made to the gods associated with this event.

Fact 12 on Neper:

Too little flood water would cause famine, and too much water would be equally catastrophic by limiting the sowing of fresh crops.

Fact 13 on Neper:

The Flooding Season was called Akhet and occurred between June and September
The Sowing Season was called Peret and occurred between October and January
The Harvesting Season was called Shemu and occurred between February and May

Fact 14 on Neper:

Pharaoh Amenemhet I founded the 12th dynasty of the Middle Kingdom was described as being responsible for the ripening of the grain and one of his titles was "beloved of Neper". The god was also referred to in the Coffin Texts of the Middle Kingdom.

Fact 15 on Neper:

His role associated with the agriculture of Egypt was so important that the god was eventually merged with Osiris and worship of the ancient god of harvest ceased during the New Kingdom.

The Gods of Egypt - Neper Fact Sheet



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