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The Gods of Egypt: Raet aka Raettawy
Discover the legends and myths and religious beliefs surrounding Raet, the Egyptian goddess of Fertility and the the unified lands of Upper and Lower Egypt.. Additional, interesting facts and information about ancient Egypt, and its mysterious gods and goddesses, is also available via:

Facts about Raet
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Raet, the solar goddess of fertility

The Goddesses of Egypt - Raet Fact Sheet aka Raettawy

Fact 1 on Raet:

She was a solar goddess and described as the female aspect of the sun-god Ra. Her name is formed from his name and the longer version of her name (Raettawy) or Raet-Tawy means "Raet of the Two Lands" in reference to the unified lands of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Fact 2 on Raet:

She is depicted as a cow goddess, similar to the main bovine goddess Hathor, wearing a crown consisting of a sun disk held between the horns of a cow, which sometimes features the addition of two feathers.

Fact 3 on Raet:

The Two Feathers (divine law), consisted of two, tall ostrich or falcon feathers that are worn by her consort Menthu, the falcon-headed god.

Fact 4 on Raet:

Her Greek name as Ratus who became identified with the ancient Greek goddess Leto, the Titan goddess of motherhood and modesty.

Fact 5 on Raet:

She was also occasionally depicted as seen in the above picture wearing a vultures crest which was the emblem of a protector of Upper Egypt (in the south).

Fact 6 on Raet:

Raettawy was known as the consort of Menthu and their son was Harpocrates (aka Horus the child). Together they formed the Triad of Medamud. The location of Medamud was in Upper Egypt about 8 km from Thebes (Luxor).

Fact 7 on Raet:

A great temple was erected in which the Egyptians worshipped the three gods at Medamud that contained secret tunnels and a sacred lake. The statues of the three gods were washed daily from the waters of the sacred lake.

Fact 8 on Raet:

Just inside the entrance to the temple was a carving of a hymn dedicated to the goddess Raet-Tawy as Hathor the 'returning eye of the sun'.

Fact 9 on Raet:

The temple complex at Medamud was unusual as the processional way leading to the temple was flanked by giant statues of cobras.

Fact 10 on Raet:

Her titles included "Rattawy, who resides at Thebes, lady of the Heavens, mistress of the gods and goddesses". She also had shrines and temples dedicated to her worship at Thebes and at el Tod.

Fact 11 on Raet:

A festival dedicated to Rattawy festival was held in the fourth month of  Shemu, the harvest season

Fact 12 on Raet:

The temple at Medamud was built in the period known as the Old Kingdom and continued to be maintained by the pharaohs of all eras. However by the New Kingdom Raettawy had been completely merged with Hathor.

The Goddesses of Egypt - Raet Fact Sheet aka Raettawy

Facts about Raet
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