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The Gods of Egypt: Sesmu
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Facts about Sesmu
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Sesmu, the lion god of slaughter and execution

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The Gods of Egypt - Sesmu Fact Sheet

Fact 1 on Sesmu:

This ancient god was primarily worshipped as the bloodthirsty lion-headed god of execution, blood and slaughter. A protector of the pharaohs and of Egypt.

Fact 2 on Sesmu:

By the time period in Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom 1550 -1069 BCE (18th - 20th Egyptian Dynasties) had arrived the focus of his worship was based on the beneficial role as the producer of red wine, fragrant oils and perfume.

Fact 3 on Sesmu:

His bloodthirsty role dated back to the period in Egyptian history known as the Old Kingdom 2686 - 2181 BCE (3rd - 6th Dynasties) - The Age of the Pyramids.

Fact 4 on Sesmu:

In the Old Kingdom he was first represented as a minor deity in human form and closely associated with the Underworld. In a spell featured in the Pyramid Texts his role was that of a butcher who slaughtered, and then cut to pieces, powerful creatures that provided food for the dead king. He is depicted as demon-like who squeezed the blood from heads as if they were grapes.

Fact 5 on Sesmu:

He was therefore associated with a nightmare view of 'grapes' and the wine-press in which human heads were used instead of grapes .

Fact 6 on Sesmu:

He was also referred to as using a lasso to capture sinners ready for the slaughter block.

Fact 7 on Sesmu:

His titles included the 'Executioner of Osiris' and the 'Lord of the Blood'.

Fact 8 on Sesmu:

He then took on the role of a lion-headed protector god of the pharaohs representing the war-like aspect of the lion, revered for their powers of protection and their skills as fierce combatants against the enemies of Egypt.  In his lion form he was depicted with fangs that dripped with blood and a mane that was drenched in blood. He wore human skulls around his waist like a belt.

Fact 9 on Sesmu:

He was then involved in a total role reversal during the New Kingdom period and was worshipped in a beneficial role as the producer of red wine, fragrant oils and perfume.

Fact 10 on Sesmu:

The reason for this change was probably due to financial and political motives as the Egyptian Empire had reached its peak and was becoming extremely wealthy due to its successful trade, especially in oils and perfumes. Ancient Egypt was the perfume manufacturing and trading center of the world and the ancient Egyptians were considered masters of the art of perfume making.

Fact 10 on Sesmu:

In this benevolent role he was associated with Nefertum, the god of perfume.

Fact 10 on Sesmu:

His main cult center was based in Faiyum, but he was also worshipped in Dendera and Edfu.

The Gods of Egypt - Sesmu Fact Sheet

Facts about Sesmu
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  • Sesmu, the Egyptian god of slaughter and execution

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