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The Gods of Egypt: Sokar
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Facts about Sokar
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Sokar, the funerary god of the Underworld


The Gods of Egypt - Sokar Fact Sheet

Fact 1 on Sokar:

He was also known as Seker, Sokaris or Socharis and usually depicted with a mummified body and the head of a hawk.

Fact 2 on Sokar:

In the Pyramid Texts he is referred to as the 'Builder of Bones' which is possibly the origin of the myth that gives him the role of the god of craftsmen and in the later Book of the Underworld is mentioned as the maker of the silver bowls that were used by the Underworld as foot basins.

Fact 3 on Sokar:

One of the titles of this ancient deity was 'He of Restau' which means the "mouth of the passages" interpreted as the place of 'openings' or tomb entrances. It was also the word used in reference to the Giza plateau and the many tunnels underneath it.

Fact 4 on Sokar:

The region of the underworld associated with Seker was the difficult, sandy terrain called the Imhet. The mysterious ways of Restau are described as the unapproachable paths of the Imhet, where the hidden gates in the land of Sokar-upon-his-sand, led to the heavenly afterlife.

Fact 5 on Sokar:

According to ancient Egyptian mythology in his perilous journey through the Underworld Ra enters the desert of Restau littered with dangerous snakes and where the path is repeatedly blocked by huge doors.  Ra passes to the cave of Sekar where Sekar restrains the winged serpent Apep that represents chaos.

Fact 6 on Sokar:

His symbol was the Hennu boat that sailed towards the dawn. During the festival honoring the god  his statue was placed on a representation of the Hennu barque and pulled with a sled over the fields. A procession of people followed the Hennu wearing garlands of onions, a sacred plant and a symbol of fertility.

Fact 7 on Sokar:

He was the patron deity of the ancient necropolis of Memphis in Lower Egypt where the pyramids at Saqqara are situated. His title was ‘lord of the mysterious region’ and as such he is prominent in the decoration of Theban royal tombs.

Fact 8 on Sokar:

His great festival was celebrated during the sowing season and rivalled the New Year Festival of Opet especially in Thebes where reliefs on the walls of the mortuary temple of Rames the Great at Medinet Habu showed scenes depicting the great celebration.

Fact 9 on Sokar:

His mummified body strongly links him with Osiris the god of the Underworld and Ptah, the creator god of Memphis.

Fact 10 on Sokar:

His original role was as the god of artisans and craftsman which links him to Ptah, who was also a god of craftsman. Their identities merged and a new god called Ptah-Sokar was created.

Fact 11 on Sokar:

Gradually the Ptah-Sokar formed with Osiris to create another new deity called Ptah-Sokar-Osiris and Ptah and Sokar were then depicted in a similar form to Osiris tightly wrapped like a mummy, the symbol of rebirth and regeneration.

The Gods of Egypt - Sokar Fact Sheet

Facts about Sokar
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