The Gods of Egypt

Ancient Egypt for kids - The Gods of Egypt

The history of ancient Egypt and how the ancient Egyptians worshipped the Gods of Egypt


The Gods of Egypt
Discover interesting facts and information about the Gods of Egypt. The pictures of the Gods of Egypt are full of secret symbols and signs and understanding the meanings of ancient Gods of Egypt enables a fuller understanding of ancient Egyptian history at a glance. Names and pictures of the gods of Egypt are shown below. Enter the ancient world and learn about how the ancient Egyptians worshipped the Gods of Egypt, their temples and their rituals. There are articles containing interesting facts and information about the individual gods of Egypt.

Who were the Egyptian Gods? Names of the Gods of Egypt
Images of the Gods of Egypt are found in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, art and relics. The names of many of the gods of Egypt are detailed in the following chart. Details the Gods of Egypt can be found on specific articles relating to individual Egyptian gods and goddesses. The pictures of the Gods of Egypt depict male deities with a dark reddish-brown skin color and goddesses with a yellowish skin color. Many of the Gods of Egypt were depicted as 'human hybrids' with the heads of animals and the bodies of humans. These ancient depictions of the gods of Egypt were used as a recognition aid and a device to visually convey the qualities or attributes of the god or goddess.


The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses


Who were the Egyptian Gods and how were they worshipped?
The Ancient Egyptians believed that their gods and goddesses controlled everything in their lives and their environment. But what kind of beings were the Gods of Egypt?

  • The existence of the universe and the conception of the gods of Egypt were explained to the people in their creation myths
  • The deities and divinities were supernatural beings and possessed potent and magical powers
  • The deities took on human characteristics and many of the gods were depicted with human bodies with the heads of animals
    • The ancient Egyptians did not worship animals as such - the depiction of a god as an animal was a device to convey the qualities and attributes of the deity
    • Some animals were seen as sacred as the Ancient Egyptians believed that the Spirit of a God resided in these animals
    • These animals were revered and worshipped as reincarnated gods during their lifetimes.
  • The deities and divinities needed food, drink and sleep to nourish their bodies
  • Temples were believed to be the dwelling place of the gods of Egypt. Only priests and priestesses, and the Pharaoh, were allowed inside the temples
    • Egyptian gods and goddesses were offered various gifts, which were accepted by the priests and priestesses of the temples who offered prayers on behalf of the donor
  • The statues of the Egyptian gods and goddesses were believed to be living embodiments of the deities
    • Prayers were offered to the statues of the deities and divinities were physical items such as food and drink
    • The statues of the gods of Egypt were washed with Lotus scented water, oiled and adorned with make-up, jewelry and clothes
  • The ancient Egyptian divinities and deities wore similar styles of clothes to mortals but the texture of the materials was exceedingly fine
  • The Egyptian deities and divinities  also used similar styles of weapons and are often depicted with chariots, swords, shields, bows and arrows and helmets
  • The divinities and deities of ancient Egypt had the same emotions and feelings as humans, married and had families
    • The priests of Ancient Egypt evolved a family tree to explain how some of the gods of Egypt were related

Gods of Egypt

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The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses


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