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Egyptian Deities
Discover interesting facts and information about the world of ancient Egypt with this article providing facts and information and a list of ancient Egyptian Deities. An overview of ancient Egyptian deities including the pharaohs and kings of Egypt who were worshipped as living gods. The names, descriptions and definitions are provided in the list of ancient Egyptian Deities which includes all of the major gods and goddesses. Fast facts and info about some of the major and the most famous Egyptian Deities. The List of Egyptian Deities provides a fast, easy overview and reference of the major deities of Ancient Egypt which is ideal for kids, schools and homework help.

The 'Divine Family' of Major Egyptian Deities
There were about 2000 gods and deities worshipped in Ancient Egypt. Most of these ancient Egyptian deities were only worshipped at a local level but there were major deities who were revered across many regions of Egypt. The most famous major deities were a group of nine Egyptian Sun Gods whose cult was based at Heliopolis which was believed to be the point of creation and the was the birthplace of these famous deities who were called the 'Divine Family'. These major Egyptian deities of the Ennead of Heliopolis were Atum (later Ra, the Supreme Solar God), Geb, Isis, Nephthys, Nut, Osiris, Set, Shu and Tefnut.

Egyptian God, OsirisMajor Egyptian Deities: The Ennead of Heliopolis
Atum, the Sun God Ra
Tefnut, Goddess of Rain Geb, God of the Earth
Nut, Goddess of SkyOsiris, God of Death
Isis, Goddess of LoveSet, God of Evil
Nephthys, Goddess of Divine AssistanceShu, God of Wind

The names of the other famous Egyptian deities and gods include Anubis (the jackal headed god of the dead), Thoth, Aten, Horus, Hathor, Sobek and Bastet. Depictions of many of the major Egyptian deities are illustrated in the chart of major Egyptian Deities - see below for a full list of names of deities.

Egyptian Deities, Gods and Pharaohs
The Pharaohs were believed to be living gods and deities in the religion followed by the people of Ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh gods and deities were responsible for the well-being of the people. As a god on earth the Pharaoh or King was seen as being in control of the fertilizing floods of the Nile. The Pharaoh deities were all powerful. During the reign of the Pharaoh Akhenaten (the father of Tutankhamen) the world of Ancient Egypt was turned upside when he determined that there was only one god - the sun god Aten. The Egyptian people were forbidden to worship the old, ancient deities of Egypt. The priests of the old deities were furious and following the death of Akhenaten the old deities were re-established and all traces of the reign of Akhenaten were destroyed and he became known as the Heretic Pharaoh. This was the only short period of monotheism (the worship of one god) in the 3000 year history of Ancient Egypt.

Hemhem Crowns

Living Gods & Deities: The Heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten and his consort Nefertiti


The List of Egyptian Godses


A-Z Dictionary & Fact Sheet for Kids:  List of Egyptian Deities
There are individual articles about many of the gods and goddesses detailed in the List of Egyptian Deities providing fascinating facts and interesting information via fast fact sheets on the divinities and deities of ancient Egypt.

List of Egyptian Deities: Fact Sheet for Kids

List of Egyptian Deities:

A List

Aah, moon god
Abtu was a protector of Ra
Aker was the Primeval god of the earth
Amaunet, snake goddess of the elements, wife to Amun
Amentet, goddess of the Underworld
Ammut (also Ammit) the "Devouress of the Dead"
Amun, frog-headed god who became the leading deity in the Triad of Thebes
Anat, goddess of war, the consort of Set
Anhur sky god and god of war
Anti swam on either side of the Solar boat of Ra

Anubis the Egyptian Jackal God of the dead and embalming. Also called Anpu

Anuket the Egyptian female deity of the cataracts of the Nile

Atum the Sun God and Creator
Apep, a serpent god and enemy of the sun god, Ra
Astarte, a goddess of war
Aten, the single sun god manifested by Akhenaten

Antwey was a falcon god

List of Egyptian Deities:

B List

Baba, god of aggression and virility
Banebjedet, the sacred ram of Mendes
Bastet the Cat Goddess of the home and cats
Bat, goddess of fertility and the stars
Benu / Bennu bird (phoenix) god of rebirth and represented the sun
Bes, dwarf god of the household and childhood
List of Egyptian Deities:

C List

Chepre / Chepri, primeval scarab-god connected with the rising sun
Cherti, ram-god and ferryman of the dead
Chnum, ram god and protector of the source of the Nile
Chons Egyptian moon god, son of Amun and Mut
Chontamenti, dog god of the dead and of the land of the west
List of Egyptian Deities:

D List

Dedun, Egyptian-Nubian lion god of wealth and incense
Duamutef, funerary god, son of Horus.
List of Egyptian Deities:

E List

Estarte the Greek name for Isis
Edjo, another name for Wadjet, the protective cobra goddess
List of Egyptian Deities:

F List

List of Egyptian Deities:

G List

Geb, God of Earth & Vegetation and son of Shu and Tefnut
List of Egyptian Deities:

H List

Ha, god of fertility and of the desert
Hapi, god of the silt deposited by the flooding River Nile
Hapy, one of the "Four Sons of Horus".
Hathor the Egyptian Cow Goddess and sky goddess
Hatmehyt, fish-goddess of Mendes
Heh, Egyptian god of infinity
Hehu / Hehut, god and goddess personified fire
Heka, god of divine magic
Hehet, frog goddess of childbirth
Hemsut, Egyptian goddess of fate
Heneb, god of grain and of agriculture
Heryshaf, Primeval ram god
Hesat, Egyptian cow goddess
Horus the Falcon God of the sky, sun & moon
Hu, god of divine utterance
List of Egyptian Deities:

I List

Ihy the god of the sistrum
Imhotep the god of learning and medicine
Imsety, Son of Horus
Inmutef, bearer of the heavens
Ipy, hippopotamus goddess of magical protection
Isdes, judge of the dead
Isis, Goddess of Love, Egyptian Mother Goddess of ancient Egypt
List of Egyptian Deities:

J List

Joh, Egyptian moon god
List of Egyptian Deities:

K List

Keket, goddess of darkness and obscurity
Kebechsenef, one of the Sons of Horus
Khepri the Scarab God of the sun and rebirth
Khnum the Egyptian Ram God of the Nile and rebirth
Khonsu the Falcon God of the moon, time and healing
Kek or Kuk, frog-headed god of life and darkness
List of Egyptian Deities:

L List


List of Egyptian Deities continued...

List of Egyptian Deities: Fact Sheet for Kids


List of Ancient Egyptian Deities

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The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses


A-Z Dictionary & Fact Sheet for Kids:  List of Egyptian Deities
There are individual articles about many of the gods and goddesses detailed in the List of Egyptian Deities providing fascinating facts and interesting information via fast fact sheets on the divinities and deities of ancient Egypt.

List of Egyptian Deities: Fact Sheet for Kids

List of Egyptian Deities:

M List

Maat the Egyptian female deity of truth and justice
Mandulis, the sun god
Mafdet, the cat goddess protector against snakes & scorpions
Mekal, lion goddess of pestilence
Menhit, Egyptian war goddess
Menquet, goddess of beer
Meret, goddess of song and of rejoicing
Meretseger the Cobra Goddess of tomb workers
Meskhenet the Egyptian female deity of childbirth
Min the Egyptian God of men & sexual vigor
Menthu the Egyptian Hawk headed God of war
Mut the Egyptian Mother Goddess of the sky
List of Egyptian Deities:

N List

Naunet, snake-headed primeval goddess
Nefertum the God of sunlight, medicine and the lotus
Nehebkau, Egyptian snake god
Nekhbet, vulture goddess
Nephthys the female deity of divine assistance
Neper, god of grain, barley and wheat
Neith the Egyptian Creator Goddess of war
Nun, ancient Egyptian creator god
Nut, goddess of the sky and of the heavens
List of Egyptian Deities:

O List

Opet, hippo goddess of eastern Thebes
Osiris the God of death and rebirth
List of Egyptian Deities:

P List

Pachet, goddess of the desert
Pakhet, "She Who Scratches"
Petbe, god of retaliation
Ptah the Egyptian Creator God
List of Egyptian Deities:

Q List

Qebehsenuef a son of Horus
Qetesh, goddess of love, consort of Min, god of Virility
List of Egyptian Deities:

R List

Ra the Egyptian Creator God of the sun
Renpet, goddess of the solar year
Reshef, god of war
Ret, goddess of the sun
Renenutet, cobra fertility goddess
List of Egyptian Deities:

S List


Saa, god of touch, intelligence and feeling
Safekhet, goddess of learning
Sekhmet, lioness goddess of Memphis, consort of Ptah
Satet, goddess of the inundation of the Nile and the hunt
Selket, scorpion goddess and funerary deity
Seshat the Egyptian female deity of writing
Selket the Scorpion Goddess of the dead
Set (Seth) the Egyptian God of chaos and evil
Shai or Shay, god or guardian of fate
Shu the God of the air and the sky
Sobek the Crocodile God of the Nile and army
Sokar, funerary god of Memphis
Sothis the Sky Goddess of the stars
List of Egyptian Deities:

T List


Tayet, goddess of linen weaving
Taweret, hippopotamus goddess of childbirth
Tefnut the Lioness Goddess of rain and moisture
Tenen / Tatenen, god of vegetation
Thoth the Ibis God of knowledge
List of Egyptian Deities:

U List

Unut, snake or hare sun goddess
List of Egyptian Deities:

V List

List of Egyptian Deities:

W List

Wadjet, the cobra goddess who spat poison at tomb robbers
Wasret, goddess of precious metals and mines
Wepwawet, jackal-headed god of war
Weret, god of the sky and heavens
Wosyet, goddess of the young

List of Egyptian Deities: Fact Sheet for Kids


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